About us

After 19 years in the business,we are now rated as China’s largest Sleepwear manufacturer. We are located in Heze, Shandong Province, which is the sleepwear-manufacturing hub of China. Heze is an ideal manufacturing location with excellent transportation access.

Our aim is to produce high quality garments at competitive price and to focus on outstanding customer service. As a result, our global sales network stretches across the world from Canada,Australia, Dubai to UK and a number of other European countries. See the list of our main clients on the right. We are striving for Inspection Exemption for many more customers.

Figuratively, China continues to maintain its position as the world’s garment factory. As one of the most efficient manufacturers in China, our well-equipped facilities and focus on quality assurance, enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction.

We are looking forward to producing our comprehensive and cost-effective garments for a growing list of international clients.
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Heze Elegance Fashions LTD

the  largest  pyjama  factory  in  China

Email : [email protected]

 Direct Line 0086 18853010726 / 18853010735     

Add : No. 978 Jinan Road,  Heze, shandong, China

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